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Cocktail Matching: Impressionists and a Water Lily Cocktail

Increasingly I find myself wanting to make cocktails to go with the things I enjoy doing. Currently I’m longing for spring, squinting up at trees to see if there are any leaves sprouting and peering at crocuses in the grass. In lieu of spring itself (it’s still COLD in London), I went to see the Royal Academy’s gorgeous ‘Painting the Modern Garden’ exhibition. It’s such a beautiful collection of paintings, from Monet’s huge, mournful late waterlily works, to some bright, vivid Expressionist ‘Avant-Gardens.’ There was no photography allowed inside, but here are some images of some of my favourite paintings to try and sum the experience up. If I could live inside any exhibition, I think it would be this one – it was such a riot of colour, bursting with flowers and sunshine, yet it was serene and gentle at the same time. I enjoyed this exhibition so much, and I wanted to make a cocktail that was colourful, fresh, and floral to go with it. Enter the very conveniently named Water Lily (thank you Saveur apparently an …

Cocktail of the week no.4: Whiskey Sour

Aaand… another sour cocktail – this time I had lemons to use up. I love the combination of smoky, sweet bourbon and crisp, tart lemons – somehow it all blends together perfectly. It seems like the perfect thing to knock back before dinner. 2 0z bourbon 1 oz fresh lemon juice 0.5 oz simple syrup Dash of egg white (optional, I prefer it without) Shake with ice and then strain into a glass with more ice. Garnish with lemon rind and a maraschino cherry.