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Seasonal cocktail: blood orange and bourbon

It’s blood orange season, finally! You can tell because they’re all over Instagram. Naturally I wanted to make something with these photogenic fruits, and came across this beautiful drink in an old post at Love and Lemons. I definitely can’t photograph it as well as the original, partly due to lack of skillz and partly due to SAD-inducing lack of decent daylight, but hopefully you get the idea of how pretty it is. (Should I rearrange my life to make cocktails in the early morning and catch the light? Probably wouldn’t go down well at work.)

I love that citrus is in season in winter. It’s always just what I need in miserable January. This is not just a good-looking drink, it’s a fresh yet wintery concoction, easy on the liquor, with a bit of sparkling water to lighten it up.  Super tasty, super refreshing, could drink about 10. But won’t.

I changed the proportions a bit, and made it with equal parts bourbon and blood orange juice, and added just a splash of water. You could alter the proportions easily to make it more like an orange whisky sour (see also this recipe at A Cocktail Life).

DSC_3322Looks like a bloodbath.

1.5 oz bourbon
1.5 oz blood orange juice (I strained it to get rid of the pulp)
A couple of dashes of Angostura bitters
Splash of sparkling water

I stirred the bourbon, orange juice and bitters over ice, then strained into a chilled cocktail glass, and added a tiny bit of water. And then made it pretty (sorry, attempted to make it pretty) with a slice of orange.

Definitely need more blood oranges now. There are so many great recipes out there I’d like to make, including this blood orange margarita at White on Rice Couple, and this cocktail with gin and rosemary at Rhubarbarians.



  1. I love when blood oranges are in season! You’ve inspired me, I think we are going to have to make one of these up this week, it looks fantastic. Cheers! -Tracie

  2. I LOVE that description – ‘looks like a bloodbath’. Can’t wait to try this one once blood oranges are in season again (I’m in Australia so I’ll have to wait a while!)

  3. it looks splendid … if only i liked bourbon! but maybe i should give it another try. but i might stick to the link with the gin and rosemary 🙂

    • I’ve never been a huge enthusiast either but some of these cocktails really bring it to life for me. It works so well with citrus!

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